About Us

AmazingTalker is an online tutoring platform that empower individuals to learn languages, subjects and music with online tutors. To date, we have nearly 8,000 registered tutors and 1.1 million registered users and has clocked in 5.5 million online course reservations. In 2022, we raised US$15.5 million in a series A funding round, led by CDIB Capital. Investors in the fundraise also include JAFCO Asia and 500 Global. We are ambitious to expand the business in Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Europe, and North America. If you want to know more about AmazingTalker's corporate culture and our team members, feel free visit our website.

About the Role

The SEO Coordinator is a contractor role. For this position, you will be responsible for executing our company's SEO strategies in different markets, daily tasks will include creating compelling contents, building backlinks and generating traffic to our site. Suitable candidates will undergo training to develop all necessary skills required for on-page and off-page SEO. You will make an impact by boosting AmazingTalker's brand awareness all over the world and help people teach or learn new languages.

You will be in charge of the overall SEO strategy. You must be highly data-driven and comfortable justifying your decisions quantitatively.

    Responsibilities include:

    1. Building backlinks by outreaching to freelancers and website admins
    2. Negotiating terms and conditions with external partners
    3. Operating the company's SEO strategies in order to maintain our success
    4. Understanding the core knowledge and logic of SEO
    5. Performing keyword research
    6. Performing on-page SEO optimizations
    7. Optimizing the overall SEO performances through different marketing strategies

    Required skills:

    • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
    • Good command in basic Excel skills
    • 40 words per minute (wpm)
    • Self-motivated with the skill and discipline necessary to work with minimal supervision

    We're looking for:

    • You are proficient in Chinese or English.
    • You are proficient (B2 or above) in the one of the following foreign language is a plus
      • Japanese
      • Korean
      • Spanish
      • French
    • A good coordinator with strong desire to learn, execute, and drive impact
    • A self leader who can work independently in a fast-changing environment
    • Good time-management skills, with the ability to multi-task and pivot quickly when required.
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Ability to deal with ambiguity.

    Company benefit

    • Flexible working hours (5 days a week)
    • Two days off a week
    • Unlimited snacks and drinks
    • Free dinner Monday to Friday
    • Salary 37000 - 42000 NTD / Month
    • Contract : 3 months
    • Provide company laptop or laptop subsidy
    • Opportunities to become full-time


    • One minute walk from metro station "New Taipei Industrial Park Station"

    (PS: Do not provide work permit)

    ---- Chinese Version ----

    About Us

    AmazingTalker 致力建立一個全方位的線上教學平台,讓任何人都可以找到最適合自己的家教,以不斷提昇線上教師收入為使命。始於 2017 年,目前平台上約有 8000 名教師、超過 100 萬名學生,以及進行 550 萬堂語言、升學等課程,橫跨 190 個地區。2020 年入選「親子天下」的【教育新創20+】,2021 年入選【AAMA台北搖籃計劃】,2022年獲得 A 輪募資 1550 萬美元,投資人包括中華開發資本、集富亞洲(JAFCO Asia)、500 Global。我們目標是成為台灣教育新創界第一間「獨角獸」,讓世界看見台灣。

    歡迎你在應徵前到了解更多 AmazingTalker 的企業文化、人才特質、團隊成員見證等資訊。

    IG :https://bit.ly/3lkI1nZ

    About the Role

    SEO 助理是約聘職位角。在這個職位,您將負責執行公司在不同市場的 SEO 策略,日常任務將包括創作吸引人的內容、建立反向鏈接和為網站創造流量。 合適的候選人將會接受培訓,學習如何操作 SEO 所需的必要技能。 您會透過提高 AmazingTalker 在全球的品牌知名度來提升影響力,幫助全世界的人教授或學習新語言。您將負責整體 SEO 策略,所以您必須具備數據的分析能力,並且能夠從數據上證明您的決定是合理的。

    Responsibilities include:

    • 通過聯繫自由業者和網站管理者建立反向鏈接
    • 與外部合作夥伴協商條款和條件
    • 執行公司的 SEO 策略以維持我們的表現
    • 了解SEO的核心知識和邏輯
    • 進行關鍵詞研究
    • 執行頁面 SEO 優化
    • 通過不同的營銷策略優化整體 SEO 效能

    Required skills:

    • 優秀的書面和口語溝通技巧
    • 掌握基本的 Excel 技能
    • 每分鐘 40 字 (wpm)
    • 很強的自我推動力,在很少的監督下工作

    We're looking for::

    • 你精通中文或英文。
    • 您精通以下一種外語(B2或以上)會加分
      • 日文
      • 韓文
      • 西班牙語
      • 法語
    • 優秀的協調者,具有強烈的學習、執行和推動力
    • 能夠在瞬息萬變的環境中獨立工作的自我領導者
    • 優秀的時間管理技能,能夠在需要時快速完成多項任務和調整。
    • 優秀的人際能力和溝通能力。
    • 處理抽象問題的能力

    Company benefit

    • 彈性工作時間
    • 工作時間:週一到週五 11:00-19:00
      • 每週休息兩天
      • 無限量的小吃和飲料
      • 週一至週五免費晚餐
      • 薪資: 37000 - 42000 新台幣 / 月
      • 合約期:3個月
      • 如果能夠融入團隊協作且表現良好,有機會續約或轉正。


          • 距離捷運『新北產業園區站』走路 1 分鐘路程
          • 佔地 800 坪辦公室
          • 配備人體工學辦公椅、站桌、升降桌
          • 配備 24~27 吋外接特大螢幕
          • 公司提供最新 Apple MacBook 或 電腦補貼