About Us

At AmazingTalker, we build a platform that empowers anyone to learn any languages with online tutors. Since 2016 we have grown rapidly, amassing over 300,000 users across the globe. In 2020, we were nominated by 「親子天下」to be 【教育新創20+】( https://bit.ly/3gvdzU7 ) . Based in Taiwan, we are growing our footprints in Hong Kong, North America, Europe and therefore expanding our team. We dream of becoming a world-class startup but we have only achieved 1% of what we capable of!

Customised job attachments are arranged according to the Trainees' academic background, interests and strengths, subject to the company's business needs and development.

  • Cross Disciplines: Work in different departments
  • Cross Territories: Gain solid exposure for long term development in different countries
  • Customised Job Attachment Plan: Secure the most suitable and relevant learning opportunity
  • Periodical Performance Evaluation: Review, improve and take a step forward

We are searching for a team player, ready to take on challenges, highly motivated, entry-level candidates with advancement potential for our Cross-Functional Trainee program. We welcome a diverse range of academic backgrounds – whether you studied business, history or chemistry, we believe it’s learning agility, curiosity and leadership potential that matters. Visit http://bit.ly/atculturetw to learn more about us and our corporate culture.


  • Taiwan Working Visa can be offered if you are willing to relocate to Taiwan.

About the Team

At AmazingTalker, we have a very strong Lean-Startup spirit and hold the minimum viable product (MVP) attitude to complete every mission. Teams at AmazingTalker strive to strike a measured balance between getting things done effectively and long term scalability. We make multiple trial-and-error attempts and iterate rapidly to get closer to the ideal solution.

We adopt Objective Key Results (OKR) as the way to measure our success. We ensure everyone is going in the same direction, with clear priorities, in a constant rhythm. To do so, OKRs are public to all company levels so that everyone has access to everyone else’s OKRs. Each teammate has a high autonomy to select the ways of how to achieve their goals and propose solutions.

If you are passionate about working with a fast-paced team and grow rapidly, AmazingTalker is the right place for you.

About the Role

As a Cross-Functional Trainee, you will have the chance to get on-the-job training and in-house training. We offer job rotation or job shadowing programs that allow you to move around, learn new skills, and maintain interest in the company. Other than the engineering role, you will be involved in Product Design and Management, Digital Marketing, Talents Acquisition and Training, Customer Relationship Management, Business Development and Project Planning, etc. You are going to complete at least 2 job rotation within a year. From the practical experience in the daily operation, you will equip the necessary skill sets and discover your strengths and interests.

  • Product Design and Management: Discover users' needs and potential problems from the existing user flow, user interface, copywriting. Carry out necessary experiments to validate if the problems exist, then come up with a solution that can strike a balance between achieving the business goals and improving the user experience of the product.
  • Digital Marketing: Driving profitable customer growth via online channels. Own the strategies for SEO, SEM, Google Display Ads, Retargeting, Social Media Marketing, Paid media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter advertising, etc. Improve upon our current digital marketing strategies and reach new audiences by expanding into new channels.
  • Talents Acquisition and Training: As a gatekeeper of AmazingTalker, you will learn how to use cutting-edge talent acquisition methods to streamline the hiring process in a highly efficient way. To help the team to develop personal growth with AmazingTalker, you will plan the training program and provide necessary recourses.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Represent AmazingTalker to get in touch with both students and tutors in the 1st hand. Offer genuine help and guidance if the users encounter difficulties while using our platform. Identify the root cause of the problems and think about how to solve the problems from the root cause.

Your Journey at AmazingTalker

In the 1st month, you will:

  • Develop a strong foundation and complete understanding of our existing project, ranging from strategies, operation flow, and iteration process.
  • Develop a holistic picture from Decision to Execution to Optimization to achieve strategic business goals.

Within 3 months, you will:

  • Create project roadmaps for teams to act on and prioritise individual tasks with your teammates based on impact, confidence and ease.
  • Identify and recommend opportunities for achieving the goals, determine the potential impact of these opportunities on our overall business, and work with partners throughout the company to implement them
  • Benchmark AmazingTalker in developing markets, understand market nuances, identify areas of improvement, and come up with a plan of achieving the goals of your team.

Within 6 months, you will:

  • Own multiple projects across AmazingTalker, identifying both short and long term growth opportunities, prioritising ruthlessly, and working alongside the team leaders to build a roadmap to support AmazingTalker's ambitions.
  • Contribute to the roadmap directly – you’re a hands-on leader and excited to contribute directly to our strategy and goals.
  • Be the champion of your expertise at AmazingTalker, enabling the organization as a whole to understand and align to a common vision of your team goals.
  • Find ways to scale and automate how we do things, building out the team from a people and technology point of view.

We're looking for:

  • Recent university graduates from any disciplines with no more than 3 years' working experience. You want to gain experience in multiple fields in a fast-growing startup.
  • You have the business and commercial acumen, as well as the ambition, to develop into a leader with AmazingTalker and eventually run a business.
  • You are passionate about entrepreneurship and desired to develop your business in a global startup.
  • You have strong learning agility and demonstrate strong enthusiasm in learning how digital products are brought across the world
  • You have strong leadership potential and interpersonal skills.
  • You are culturally sensitive and quickly adaptable to new roles and situations.
  • You consider yourself a strong all-rounder; data, strategy, product mock-ups – whatever it is, you can comfortably wear the hat.
  • You have an excellent command of written and spoken English (minimum TOEFL 80, IELTS 7, HKDSE 5 or equivalent). Other language skills, including Mandarin, are an advantage.


  • Taiwan Working Visa can be offered if you are willing to relocate to Taiwan.
  • You need to bring your own laptop.



  • HK$ 15,000 - HK$ 25,000 / month
  • 15-day annual leave, paternity leave
  • Five-day week with flexible working hours (before 11:30 am)
  • Housing allowance if you are willing to relocate to Taiwan.
  • Language Learning Allowance on AmazingTalker
  • Stock Options


  • Lai Chi Kok - Ooosh Coworking Kowloon
  • Taiwan Working Visa can be offered if you are willing to relocate to Taiwan.